My name is Jack Stuart and I'm currently a Systems Engineer located in Perth, Western Australia. I've got a heavy background in Windows System Administration and I'm working on my Linux/Python skills.


What the future holds is always an awesome question, mostly because I seem to have misplaced my crystal ball in one of my moves so I can't give any answers that would be worth their weight. What I would like to focus on is being a sysadmin that you don't read about on BOFH or /r/talesfromtechsupport and actually produce work that I am proud to say "Yep, I did that".


I am working as a Systems Engineer at Data#3 in their Professional Services team, which basically means I could either back fill/augment a companies existing IT team or work to complete a project that their IT team may not have the time or knowledge to complete. This lets me work with a diverse range of leading companies across WA.


I grew up on a cattle station in North Queensland with the best internet available being a very very expensive 256/256 Satellite link for about a gig of internet. This was painful at the best of times but I still managed to find a way to get into IT. After moving to South East QLD when I was 10 I managed to jump onto a better internet connection and start actually moving forward on my IT career by doing my dues as any IT guy/gal has done and setting up/fixing all relatives IT issues. When I was 17 I started working at a real estate company and we utilized an Australian wide tenant blacklist which had been poorly designed and had a mountain of SQLi and XSS issues which were able to expose everything from addresses to credit card numbers. After discovering these and reporting them to the site owners, I'd gotten hooked on InfoSec and couldn't get enough. After that I pursed the CompTIA trifecta and once I'd achieved them I moved onto the Cisco/Microsoft/VMWare certifications and worked at an MSP for over 3 years (Starting as the only technician in the Townsville office, working with a BDM). When I left in Dec 2018 there were 5 techs and 2 BDM's). To further my career I moved to Melbourne, Victoria and became a Network and Application Support Team Lead where I lead a team of 3. During this period I setup a monitoring (PRTG) and logging (Graylog) solution to improve the visibility into what was going on in our network. Unfortunately in September 2019 the company closed down the Melbourne office and only had the option to relocate to Sydney which I didn't want to do. So instead I took off to another part of Australia which has better weather and landed in Perth!


For my hobbies I'm a bit of an Adrenalin hunter. I'm trying to get into all sorts of diving, After moving to the West Coast of Australia where there are decent places to dive without being whinged to about a "dead reef". I'm going to get my PADI licence and try progress through my Scuba courses. In 2021 I'm also going to complete my A licence in Skydiving and make that a weekend hobby of mine when it's to cold to scuba. Who knows, maybe I'll just ditch the parachute and jump out with a scuba tank on and kill two birds with one stone